What is The Keystone Project Training?

It is a vision of God’s unimaginable, indescribable, incomprehensible majesty, glory, and power packaged in the one thing over which Satan has no power – the surrendered, laugh-in-the-face-of-death, cross-carrying, kingdom-establishing, radically transforming life of a Spirit-empowered follower of Jesus Christ! This vision contains the DNA – the very genetic code – of the Christian life. Properly implanted, this genetic code will expand and multiply beyond all natural or spiritual obstacles and reach an entire generation. It has and can and will change all those who receive it (Col 1:6)!

Why you Should Enroll in the Online Academy

Watch Richard Greene, President of The Keystone Project, give a compelling message of why you should enroll in our Online Academy.

Our Programs

Online courses are revolutionizing ministry and are opening a new vehicle to take our training of fulfilling the Great Commission to the ends of the world. The Keystone Project Online Academy delivers a series of lessons designed to equip the Body of Christ to launch disciple-making movements in the nations. Our unique teaching model includes coaching support for our online students and regional training opportunities within our network.

Our 3-month distance-learning program is made up of 27 powerful sessions. This training program will equip you with the essentials to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit. In addition to that, you will also get coaching support and a Certificate of Completion equivalent to our in-person two-week training in Keystone, SD. Each lesson includes assignments designed to facilitate coaching conversations with The Keystone Project coaches. 

What's next?

Students who complete this course and would like to pursue more training, can apply for our month-long training in Keystone, SD. Please visit keystoneproject.org to submit your application for our in-person US trainings.


Finishing the Great Commission

The Great Commission is the chief means by which God has chosen to reveal His glory at this moment in history. Students will learn what it means and what it will take for the Church to “Finish the Great Commission”. Module one is a set of foundational devotionals and equipping sessions that will challenge the purity of his/her faith.  It will provide the tools to start formulating a vision, mission and core values that will align his/her ministry to the priorities of the Great Commission.

Movements of Multiplying Disciples

In the book of Acts, growth was not measured through revival meetings neither were souls tallied on decision cards. The growth of the Church became so explosive that secular historians through centuries have described the rapid multiplication of Christianity as a movement of the first and second century. In this module, students will learn how to launch movements of multiplying disciples. They will receive the inspiration and the tools to glorify God by producing abundant, lasting fruit.

The Kingdom of God and the Church

Developing a Great Commission mindset will require a major reformation in the way we think about and “do” church. For too long the church has been publicly identified by its outward forms rather than its spiritual reality in Christ. Church attendance statistics indicate that if we do not re-discover the spiritual, organic and transformational nature of the church in this generation, we will become even more marginalized than we are and less effective in reaching the next generation.

The Spirit-Filled Life

Immediately after giving them the Great Commission, Jesus commanded His disciples not to leave Jerusalem (notice that He expected them to leave,  to actually go on the mission He had just given them), but to wait for what the Father promised, “which,” He said, “...for John baptized you with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now” (Acts 1:4-5). He told them that they were not to go until they had received the Holy Spirit. This module will facilitate the understanding of the essential role of the Holy Spirit in God's mission.